Selecting the Best Qualified Commercial Real Estate Agent

When it comes to buying a new building for your business, you want to protect your interests and that means hiring the best qualified commercial real estate agent. Working with a bunch of brokers as you try to find your building means sporadic assistance and a piecemeal of opportunities thrown at you. But with a qualified commercial real estate agent you’ll get the attention and service you deserve, seeing every buying opportunity appropriate to your business. Here’s what a qualified commercial real estate agent can provide and how to select the one that’s best for you.A qualified commercial real estate agent sources every property that has the potential of fulfilling your needs by accessing loads of information many business owners don’t have. This saves you missed opportunities and wasted time. Commercial real estate agents recognize that you don’t have this kind of time and that you need to focus on running your business. Experienced agents can assess your business real estate needs more completely by doing a comprehensive cost comparison of leasing vs. buying. They also save business owners a tremendous amount of time by narrowing down the list of properties to real candidates that meet your business needs, setting a tour of all the properties in the most efficient way. Commercial real estate agents are experts at pointing out hidden costs to business owners, reducing and even eliminating any nasty surprises that can occur during the buying process. They also manage your buying transaction, leading you step by step through the process, coordinating with the other parties to ensure a smooth transaction. Experienced agents have worked with a variety of vendors like space planners, construction budgeting and management professionals, data and phone installers, furniture retailers and movers; and refer their clients to the best ones, making their transition into their new office space smoother and hassle-free. Qualified agents want to see your business grow so they can work with you again and again. Often times they become part of your business mastermind group, giving your business insight and feedback in their area of expertise to help your business achieve its goals.When it comes to selecting a qualified commercial real estate agent that’s best for your business, you don’t want to select just anyone from your city’s top commercial real estate firm. The best commercial real estate experts are those who have the ability and energy to work hard for your business. This means choosing someone whose career has stable clients but whose client base is still growing. This person can give you the focus and attention you deserve for the long haul. It’s also a good idea to select a broker who’s with a smaller, independent company, who can be your primary point of contact. Unfortunately, brokers who work for large firms do a huge volume of business and they can’t give your business the attention it deserves. Choosing a broker who is a specialist in the geographic area you’re interested in as well as the product type you’re considering works in your favor. If you’re looking for retail space, you don’t want to choose a broker specializing in traditional office space. Be sure there isn’t a conflict of interest when you select your broker. A broker who has tons of buildings for sale in the same geographic location you’re considering won’t have your best interest at heart, often favoring the landlord in many of the projects they list, steering you to those. Finally, you should choose a broker who has at least 5-10 years of commercial brokerage experience. Only a broker with this level of experience will be mature and confident enough to handle your transaction with the ease and service you deserve.